The Top 16 Best Pull On Work Boots

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The best pull-on work boots discussed in this article are made for extreme working conditions; these slip-on boots offer many protective features as well as superb comfort and ease of use.

Work boots have the primary function of providing the maximum amount of protection in the particular work field that the wearer is going to be using them.

Pull-on Work Boots offer all the required protective, comfort and durability features of a normal heavy duty work boot with the added feature of being easy to put on and take off.
Many factors will affect your choice of the most suitable pull-on work boot.

pull on work boots

Advantages of Pull-On Work Boots

Anyone looking for a pair of work boots should first consider all the technical specs and their advantages.

Pull on work boots are usually worn by masons, construction engineers, concrete finishers and other industrial workers.

Pull on boots have much longer shafts protecting the legs and ankles and keeping you warm and comfortable.

Pull on work boots give you more freedom and ease of movement as well as being a shoe that is very easy to put on and take off which is a significant advantage if you need to change shoes regularly or in a hurry.

Here are a few of the fantastic benefits of Pull-On Work Boots;

  • The pull-on work boot will provide safety to your feet and toes from falling objects such as tools and other materials.
  • This boot offers you superb comfort and support to reduce strain and stress on your feet keeping you comfortable and relaxed during a long workday.
  • because there are no shoelaces to tie these boots are very easy to put on and take off which is very convenient especially if you are in a hurry.
  • Pull on boots are resistant to most of the elements making them extremely durable and long lasting in even the toughest of terrains and usage.
  • The distressed leather used to manufacture the boot will help to keep your feet safe.

Features of Good Quality Pull On Work Boots

They are designed specifically for heavy duty and outdoor industrial work.

They will protect your feet against extreme weather as well as offering many other functions;

  • Extra protection of the toe and toe area, some brands offer a steel tipped toe.
  • Grip and traction for slippery surface areas.
  • A comfortable fit that will not put extra strain or stress on the feet.
  • Protection against electrical hazards.
  • Provides extra cushioning and support to help reduce heel pain.
  • Very reliable in protecting the ankles against sprains and other injuries.
  • Rubber sole protects the workers from twist in foot.
  • Long collar is up to half of leg below the knee with open mouth etc.
  • Durable construction from high quality materials.
  • A pull on style for easy on and off.
  • Safety features such as a steel toe, electrical hazard protection.
  • Comfort features including a supportive and cushioned insole, breathability and good fit.
  • A durable slip and oil resistant outsole.

Pull On Work Boots VS Lace Up Work Boots: Here’s What Makes Pull On The Better Choice

Certain industries call for the use of either pull on work boots or lace up work boots. While both are designed to keep the feet comfortable all throughout a workday, pull on work boots may pose a couple of advantages.

Below are some of these advantages:

  • Pull on work boots are generally easier to wear compared to their lace up counterpart
  • The leather of pull on work boots molds pretty well, following the natural contour of the feet
  • Pull on work boots tend to be more waterproof as there are less stitchings and openings to the boots
  • Pull on work boots are slightly more budget-friendly compared to lace up work boots
  • Pull on work boots make great outdoor work boots as no insects or other creepy crawlies can get inside the boots
  • Pull on work boots look more casual and laid back, making them easy to match any outfit

In finding the best pull on work boots, there are a couple of factors worth considering when buying. Below are some of them:

Material type 

The durability of the pull on work boots will depend on the materials that they are made of. Essentially, you may want to consider a pair that is made of strong materials that can withstand tough work environments. Among the most common pull on boot materials are synthetic leather, genuine leather, and hardened rubber.

Construction type

The construction type of the boots plays a huge role in terms of durability. You may opt for boots that are Goodyear Welt constructed which is a construction technology that is considered to be among the best. Other options also include double-stitched and waterproof seams which add up to the water-resistance features of the pull on work boots.

Fit and comfort

Getting the right fit is crucial in finding the most comfortable pull on work boots. As a rule of thumb, you may want to go for a pair that fits your feet exactly and follows their natural contour.

In terms of comfort, you may want to consider cushioned insoles, EVA foam insoles, arch support features, gel footbeds, and moisture-wicking linings. These features of pull on work boots essentially add up to the overall comfort and support.


Good pull on work boots will not easily tire your feet and it’s a no brainer that the heavier the boots are, the easier they will encourage fatigue. That said, consider the weight of the boots and find one that is not too heavy. You may also opt for lightweight pull on work boots.

Best Pull On Work Boots Reviews

Here is our list of the best pull-on work boots that are available on the market today:

ariat is a brand that is hailed as one of the top manufacturers of quality, functional, and comfortable work boots. Among its top-selling pull on work boots for men; is the Men’s Workhog. These Ariat pull on work boots boast a steady and lightweight configuration with all the necessary comfort features.
  • The shaft measures at about mid-calf for the protection of the legs and ankles.
  • Expert manufacturing from premium cowhide, and an impermeable hindrance.
  • A steady composite shank and forked configuration guaranteed parity and a perfect fit.
  • The soles offer excellent grip and traction even on oily or greasy floor surfaces.
  • It’s Advanced and innovative backings, and pads give superior cushioning and support when you move for all-day comfort.
  • A wide shank with the addition of forefoot and heel stabilizers gives you strengthened the movement and reduced strain on the foot.
  • This work boot is easy to pull on and pull off and will withstand the highest and lowest of temperatures.
  • A shock retaining gel pad absorbs shock and reduces strain on the hips and lower limbs.
  • It offers a full-grain calfskin foot underneath the extravagant sewed full-grain cowhide shaft.

The Red Wing brand carries a wide selection of comfortable, stylish, and durable footwear. Generally, Red wing pull-on work boots make the perfect choice for a long workday.
  • It is a Slip-on Waterproof work boot that will insulate your feet from water and other liquids.
  • Made from a Full grain leather and enforced with a direct-attach welt construction this slip-on boot from Red Wing is one of the most durable work boot today on the market.
  • The Endurance outsole gives excellent traction on slippery surfaces.

The prime feature of this pair of Justin pull on work boots are the handmade gaucho calfskin upper which offers exceptional comfort and will keep your feet warm.
  • The elastic rubber outsole is oil and slip-resistant.
  • A removable gel insole board with froth cushioning for advanced comfort and support.
  • Twofold sewed Norwegian storm welt construction gives you a durable & quality boot.
  • This Justin Pull-On Work Boot is hand tailored to perfection in the US.
  • Manufactured from 100 percent bona fide cowhide providing you with a boot that will shape to the form of your foot and give you a perfect soft fit.
  • A steel-tipped toe for protection against falling materials and tools.


The Wolverine Wellington 10-Inch Slip-On Work Boots is ideal for heavy-duty work in an extreme environment.

  • Offering all the required safety and durability features for the individual dedicated to performance quality.
  • The flexible midsole and nylon shank help to absorb shock and the material adapted to give you more flexibility with movement.
  • A durable pair of boots that are robust and rugged.
  • Superb shock absorption and support to reduce stress and strain on your feet and lower limbs.
  • Made of high quality, durable materials.

For the ultimate in protection and durability, you cannot go wrong with the Caterpillar Revolver a tough and protective long length pull-on work boot. These Caterpillar pull on work boots are trusted by many men to perform and last during heavy duty work in harsh terrain.
  • The boot is easy to slip on and slip off for when you have to change shoes in a hurry.
  • Manufactured from quality full grain cowhide leather with an extremely flexible outsole for a flexible boot for easy movement.
  • A calfskin foot under the parallel cowhide shaft with single sewed excellent year welt, and a round toe, which are all features of comfort and durability.
  • This slip-on boot will keep your feet comfortable and supported throughout your entire workday.
  • The uppers are manufactured from durable and comfortable genuine leather.
  • A protective steel toe protects falling objects and compression hazards.
  • The slip-resistant outsole is extremely durable and provides excellent grip.
  • A tough and comfortable pull-on work boot with dual pull handles.

Timberland PRO Helix features a rugged aesthetic pull-on work boot in leather, with an added membrane to ensure that your feet will stay dry all day long. You can use these Timberland pull on work boots in any conditions and still have a superb comfort feeling as well as protection in heavy-duty work environments.
  • Exclusive anti-fatigue technology absorbs and cushions all shocks.
  • Molded EVA Midsole for lightweight cushioned for feeling comfortable.
  • Premium waterproof leather and waterproof membrane for extreme abrasion resistance and dry feet.
  • Antimicrobial Cover for Breathable Comfort and Odor Control.
  • Unique “Fingergrip” pull-on feature for ease of foot entry.


This is a pullover boot that can be extended to fit adequately over your regular footwear.

  • Ideal for muddy or wet and dirty terrain, and is easy to clean Pull Over.
  • This boot is built with an abrasion-resistant material in the sole, heel and toe for better wear and tear capabilities, and characterizes a profound thick tread for fantastic footing and durability.
  • This men’s pull-on work boot has a wide shaft, and fold-over snap making it easy to put on and take off without having to use your hands.
  • The overshoe will safeguard your original shoes from wet weather conditions, mud, and salt.
  • This pullover boot is 100% elastic and waterproof, it wraps high around the lower leg and has a side-zip outline for simple on and off.


This is a stylish orthotic safety boot with countless features that offer superb comfort as well as protection in heavy-duty work environments. These boots have been designed specifically to meet the durability and safety requirements of an industrial, engineering and construction environment.

  • 4 Layer EVA cushioning footbed that makes it feel like walking on clouds.
  • High-quality leather upper.
  • Good balance sustainability with Rubber soles for excellent grip and Outsole with anti-slip properties.
  • 100% Waterproof to keep you dry.
  • Comfortable Wellington style pull-on work boots.

You cannot get more comfortable than the Dr. Marten Indsutrial Strength work boot. This boot provides you with the protection of a steel toe, the durability of Welt Construction and all-day cushioned and breathable comfort.
  • An easy to wear slip on boot with a water-resistant full grain leather uppers to keep you dry and protected all day long.
  • An air-cushioned sole provides excellent shock absorbency and support, while the breathable mesh-covered EVA insole keeps your feet comfortable.
  • The durable and rugged Trans PV outsole is slip resistant to oil, petrol, and alkali keeping your stable on your feet.
  • A padded ankle collar and ankle supports prevent ankle injuries and protect your ankles against any further damage.
  • Constructed using durable stitch-welted construction methods for a sturdy and long-lasting work boot.
  • The standard wooden shank provides added protection and stability, along with the superior protection of the steel toe.
  • Available in a variety of neutral colors.

A rugged pull-on work boot in a stunning Chocolate Apache color, these Chippewa Pull-On Work Boots are handcrafted to perfection.
  • Durable and gorgeous Chocolate Apache color leather uppers.
  • A touch and slip resistant synthetic outsole.
  • Pull tabs at the top for easy on and off.
  • The 5 Iron Texon insole ensures luxurious comfort and good support.


Blundstone has been well known for making unique and durable work boots since 1870. They are an Australian based company that manufacture non-nonsense all-around wear legendary work boots.

  • The Blundstone 550 is a Rustic Chelsea style work boot designed to be tough and durable.
  • The Blundstone delivers in all weather conditions.
  • The convenient pull tabs allow for easy on and off.
  • This boot is flexible and comfortable with a supportive cushioned insole that can be removed.
  • The outsole provides excellent grip on different floor surfaces.


The Carhartt Romeo are comfortable and durable work boots that provide protection against chemicals and repel water to keep you dry and protected as well as comfortable all day.

  • Soft and flexible leather uppers that are oil-tanned for water-repellency.
  • Twin gore openings on each side of the boot flex so that you have room to move and flex your feet.
  • A cushioned Ortholite insole provides excellent comfort and support.
  • The durable and shock-resistant rubber outsole is oil and slip resistant keeping you firmly grounded.
  • This shoe also provides chemical resistance and protection.


Wolverine is an iconic american brand that combines both superior materials with timeless craftsmanship. The Wolverine Brenner is a low cut work boot that is perfect for both in office and on-site in a less hazardous work environment.

  • The Wolverine Falcon features a low cut top manufactured from full grain leather with a breathable mesh lining.
  • The cushioned footbed and vinyl acetate midsole provide all-day comfort and support.
  • A composite toe for added protection against work hazards.
  • The durable and slip resistant outsole will last long and provides excellent grip.

The Skechers Rockland-Hooper are low-cut sporty-styled work boots built for comfort and durability with added electrical hazard protection.
  • The uppers are made from soft and flexible leather with reinforced stitching and gored insets on the vamp for durability and comfort.
  • The memory foam insole and shock absorbent midsole provide superior support and comfort.
  • The Skechers Rockland-Hooper is ASTM approved and rated Electrical Hazard safe.
  • The durable rubber outsole meets the OSHA’s non-slip requirements.

The perfect works boots for wet and muddy work environments as well as other outdoor work.
The Original Muck Boot will keep mud water and gravel at bay and deliver heavy-duty protection.
  • The uppers are manufactured from 50% rubber and 50% Nylon making this boot lightweight and durable.
  • The tall shaft features a reinforced Achilles, toe and heel area for durable protection.
  • A breathable lining ensures that your feet are kept cool and dry on the inside.
  • The gathered collar helps to keep mud, water, and gravel out of the boot while the waterproof materials keep your feet dry from head to toe.
  • The blown rubber outsole is slip resistant and provides excellent shock absorption and traction.
  • Easy to clean and rinse off after a day in the dirt and mud and easy to remove with the kick-free rims.


A comfortable but sturdy pull-on, steel toe and electrical hazard safe work boot that will also suit your pocket.

  • Tough Goodyear Welt construction with high-quality leather uppers.
  • A protective steel toe and electrical hazard protection for safety in any work environment.
  • The removable EVA insole and EVA midsole ensure proper support, shock absorption, and comfort.
  • A reinforced TPU heel counter for added stability and durability.
  • This work boot meets the ASTM standards for electrical hazard safety and Steel Toe protection.
  • A durable and slip resistant outsole.

How to Choose an Appropriate Work Boot for Your Work Environment

The first and most important factor in choosing any form of footwear whether, for work, sports or casual wear is the comfort and support features that you require for your particular foot type or foot conditions.

After that footwear needs to be chosen based on the hazards and risks that are present at your work site as well as the temperatures and weather conditions that you work in.
Here are some of the most frequent present hazards in the workplace;

Electrical Hazards

For anyone who works in an environment where there are electrical hazards or who works directly with electricity such as machinery operators, mechanics, and electricity footwear with non-conductive electrical shock resistant soles and heels play a vital role.

These electrical hazard protective shoes will protect you against electrocution if you by accident come into contact with an open circuit or live electricity.


When you work in an environment with explosive materials or highly reactive and flammable substance and electrical conductive work boot will prevent the build-up of static electricity that could generate a spark causing an explosion or fire.

Work boots are made from thick and durable materials that are not flammable which also protects you against sparks and molten metal that could cause a flame or burn.

Cutting Machinery

Cutting machinery such as chainsaws and other machinery with rotating discs can cause serious injuries.

A protective safety boot made from specific materials that create a barrier to protect you against spinning blades, as well as a steel toe will help you stay safe.

Falling Objects

Where there is a risk of falling objects in an environment where there is moving of heavy loads, a steel toe will protect your feet and toes against the impact of a heavy falling object that could potentially crash your feet and toes.

Sharp Objects

Sharp or protruding objects on the floor of the workplace can pose puncture risks which can puncture through the sole of your shoes and into your feet.

Puncture resistant footwear has either a very thick and puncture resistant sole made from hard materials or steel or composite plate positioned within the midsole which protects you against punctures.

Rolling Objects and Moving Machinery

Heavy machinery or rolling objects can roll over your feet crushing your metatarsal bones.

Metatarsal protective work boots which are work boots with additional protective features along the metatarsal region of the boot or top of your foot will protect your foot against the damage that could be caused by heavy objects or machinery rolling over your feet.

Wet Work Environments

It is important to keep your feet dry to prevent infections and the growth of bacteria that could harm your feet.

When you work in a wet or muddy environment, a waterproof work boot should be opted for.

Slippery and Uneven Surfaces

One of the highest rated incidents that can cause serious injury even death in the workplace is slipping or tripping and falling.

Wet, greasy, oily, dusty or even uneven floor surfaces are all a risk for slip and trip accidents. A slip-resistant work shoe that provides good grip will ensure that you stay well grounded on your feet.

Comparison Table for Best Pull On Work Boots

1Ariat Men's Workhog - Pull On Work Boots
  • Cushioning EVA midsole
  • Patented U-Turn Entry System
2Red Wing Men's Irish Setter 83907 - Wellington Steel Toe Slip-On Work Boot
  • Full grain leather
  • Wellington Belt
  • Electrical Hazard
Red Wing
3Justin Men's J-max - Steel Toe Pull-On Work Boots
  • J-flex comfort system
  • Slip &
  • oil resistance outsole
4Wolverine Men's Wellington 10-Inch - Most Comfortable Slip On Work Boots
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Moisture managing mesh linings
5Caterpillar Men's Revolver - Steel Toe Pull-On Work Boot
  • Steel Toe
  • Slip resistant
  • Oil slip-resistant
  • Single stitched Goodyear welt
6Timberland Pro Men's Helix - Wellington Steel Toe Slip-On Work Boot
  • Anti-fatigue technology
  • Waterproof Leather
  • Wellington Belt
  • Slip Resistant
  • Steel Toe
Timberland Pro
7Tingley Men's 1400 - Pull Over Galoshes Boots
  • Injection molded
  • Seamless construction
  • Slip resistance
8LaCrosse Men's Quad Comfort 11-Inch - Wellington Orthopedic Work Boots
  • 4 Layer EVA cushioning footbed
  • Full waterproof design
9Dr. Martens Men's Industrial Strength - Slip On Steel Toe Work Boots
  • Water Resistant
  • Cushioned Sole
  • Steel Toe
  • EVA Insole
  • Welted Construction
  • Wood Shank
Dr. Martens
10Chippewa Men's 10 Inch Rugged Handcrafted - Pull On Working Boots
  • Handcrafted
  • 5 Iron Texon insole
  • Drill Vamp lining
11Blundstone Men's Super 550 - Ankle Length Slip On Work Boot
  • Cushioned insole
12Carhartt Men's Romeo - Non-Safety Pull On Work Boot
  • Water Repellant
  • Chemical Resistant
13Wolverine Men's Falcon - Low Cut Slip On Work Boot
  • Cushioned Insole
  • Composite Toe
14Skechers Men's Rockland-Hooper - Low Cut Pull On Work Boots
  • Non-Slip
  • Electrical Hazard Protection
  • Memory Foam In
15Muck Boots Men's Original - Pull-On Waterproof Work Boots
  • Waterproof
  • Slip Resistant
  • Shock-Absorbing
Muck Boots
16Stanley Men's Dropper - Affordable Pull On Work Boot
  • Steel Toe
  • Electrical Hazard Safe
  • Waterproof
  • EVA Midsole

Are Pull-On Work Boots the Right Choice for You

Most Pull-On Work Boots has a wide shank and heel stabilizers to improve comfort and support.
Pull-On Work Boots also help you to maintain good posture which relieves pressure on your lower back.
A pull-on work boot is easy to clean and will hold up to almost all conditions and terrain.

A pull-on work boot can offer all the protective features of a lace-up safety work boot such as protective steel or composite toe, electrical hazard protection, and an oil and slip-resistant outsole.
A pull-on work boot also has all the required comfort features such as a moisture wicking lining, breathability, cushioned insole, and supportive midsole.

You get Pull-On Work Boots that are made from different materials for various terrains and work conditions such as Muckboots made for working on wet and muddy terrain.

Who are Best Suited to A Pull-On Work Boots

Pull on work boot is a boot that is easier to put on and take off so if you are someone that needs to change shoes in a hurry or get dressed in a hurry a pull-on work boot is your best bet.
Other than that it all comes down to your personal preference for wearing a pull on or lace-up work boot.

In any work environment where you work with large tools and heavy machinery that your shoelaces could get caught in a pull-on work boot is a much safer option.

The Pull-On work boot has become so popular that some job site’s safety regulations require you to only wear a pull-on work boot. Pull-On Work Boots are just as popular if not more than their lace-up counterparts because they offer the same levels of toe-protection, slip resistance, puncture protection, waterproofing, and even electrical hazard protection.

A pull-on work boot is designed with comfort in mind while still maintaining all the features of an approved safety work boot; they are convenient and times saving, making them a very sought after safety footwear for more and more heavy duty and industrial workers.

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