The Best Insoles for Work Boots (And For Your Achy Feet)

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Though you don’t think about the insole very often – you can certainly feel when they are failing at their job.

Your feet will hurt.  You might get bunions – or God forbid plantar fascitis.  No matter what symptom you get, wearing your work boots or work shoes will become a daily nightmare.

Luckily, there are insoles available to help fix your hurting feet – fast.  The best insoles for work boots can make quite a difference if you are performing strenuous work on your feet all day or if you take part in activities that involve plenty of walking, standing or climbing.

We’ve come up with a list of the best inserts for support and foot comfort you can currently buy. We spent days researching and compiling a list of the best insoles for work boots If you are suffering – try one of the insoles on our list to see if it will help you ….get back on your feet! (Oh,man, I’m sorry, that was a bad one).

best insoles for work boots

Our Picks For The Best Work Boot Insoles In 2021

1Timberland PRO Men's Men's Anti-Fatigue Technology - Replacement Insole
  • Inverted cone design with anti-fatigue properties
  • OrthoLite top layer for moisture management
  • Arch design for all foot shapes.
Timberland PRO
2SuperFeet Men's GREEN Insoles - Professional-Grade High Arch Support
  • Maximum support for high arches
  • Shock absorbing deep heel cup decreases heel impact on hard surfaces
  • High-density foam for comfort
  • Coating for odor control.
3PowerStep Men's Pinnacle - Signature Arch Comfort Cushioning And Supportive Insoles
  • Dual-layer with EVA foam base relieves foot pain
  • Variable Cushion Technology for maximum comfort
  • Anti-microbial top inhibits odor-causing bacteria
  • Versatile insole fits any foot type and footwear.
4Footminders Men's Comfort - Orthotic Arch Support Insoles For Sport Shoes And Work Boots
  • Biomechanical support and cushioning for flat feet and plantar fasciitis
  • Durapontex material for shock absorption
  • Metatarsal raise relieves ball of foot pain
  • Anti-bacterial moisture absorbing fabric keep feet dry
5Carhartt Men's Insight Tecnnology Footbed CM19000 Insole -
  • 30% More grip for better traction
  • Tetrapod anti-fatigue technology reduces foot fatigue
  • Two foam layers feature comfort and rebound reducing foot pain
6Ariat Men's Men's ATS Footbed - Wide Square Toe 10008009
  • Wide square toe insole for D and EE width footwear
  • ATS technology for shock absorption
  • Gel heels and footpads for comfort
7Jobsite Men's Gel Work Insoles - Trim To Fit US Men 8-13
  • Low arch support and heel cup reduces foot fatigue
  • Aegis technology top fabric keeps feet dry and odorless
  • Insole trims at toes to fit shoe sizes and brands
8Sof Sole Men's Men's Athlete - Performance Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert
  • Neutral arch design supports most feet types
  • Gel pads in forefoot and heel area provides extra cushioning
  • Hydrologix wicking treatment manages odors and moisture.
Sof Sole
9Superfeet Men's Copper - Memory Foam Comfort plus Support Anti-Fatigue Replacement Insoles
  • Memory foam that provides personalized comfort
  • Heel cup protects heels against impact
  • Stabilizer cap supports rearfoot and foam layer
10Dr Scholl's Men's Work Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles - For Men Shoe Inserts
  • Massaging gel for comfort
  • Gel waves in heels and ball of foot for additional cushioning
  • Affordable insoles for work boots
Dr Scholl's
11Nazaroo Men's Shoe Insoles Arch Support Orthotic - Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs & Foot Pain
  • Multi layers with EVA foam base provides comfort and support
  • Silicone heel pad absorbs shock protecting feet agasint impact
  • Arch support for overworked arch area
  • Suitable for most footwear
12Samurai Men's The Oringinal Samurai Insoles - Arch Support
  • Desigend by a podiatrist to relieve pain from foot conditions
  • Suitable for all types of footwear and fits any shoe size
  • Springy inner core supports and molds to feet

Are Replacement Insoles Right For You?

Take Our Insoles For Boots Quiz To See If You Need A Pair of Insoles

Wearing a work boot insole can often correct common foot conditions.

  • Chronic Foot Pain localized to a specific area could be resolved with extra cushioning by wearing the right pair of padded insoles. The pain can also manifest in the ankles, knees, legs, or back; the right insoles can even provide pain relief from the ball of your feet to back pain caused by misalignment.
  • Flat Feet, common to most people, are generally due to a low or fallen arch, resulting in severe arch pain manifesting on the inside of your sole and heel pain. If you’re not sure which insoles would help your flat feet, ask a podiatrist.
  • Foot Fatigue can be the result of standing and walking all day. Carrying your weight for long hours places stress on feet, causing tired feet. Your feet carry your weight and help keep your balance when walking over uneven terrain. Work boots may not offer enough comfort for your hardworking feet, but a pair of insoles may provide comfort and be a shock absorber that combats foot fatigue.
  • Pressure Points occur on the soles, sides, or top of your feet. Too tight work boots may cause pressure points on the sides or top of the foot. A wider, half-size, or full-size larger work boot could resolve this issue. Sole pressure points may be related to incorrect or not enough arch support. A podiatrist may help resolve this with the right pair of men insoles.
  • Blisters and Hot Spots do not offer relief when you remove your work boots; it may even be more painful to put the work boots back on again. You can avoid the intense pain from blisters and hot spots with affordable insoles.
  • Plantar Fasciitis often manifests in burning heel pain and pain down the sides of your feet. Proper insoles can remove the pain quickly, but wearing the wrong footwear can cause inflammation and even tear the plantar fascia ligament. If you’re not sure, ask a podiatrist which insoles to wear.
  • Bone Spurs and Bunions form on the sides of the feet; bunions form on the inside close to the big toe, and bone spurs often occur outside the foot close to the little toe. Tight work boots can cause pressure to these areas causing intense pain. Wider footwear may bring relief, but customized insoles may offer a longer-lasting effect.
  • Sweaty Feet provide an environment for bacteria and fungus growth; it may even lead to Athlete’s foot. Proper socks may help with moisture-wicking, but breathable insoles keep feet cool with consistent airflow; it will also decrease foul odors caused by sweaty feet.

If you have two or more symptoms, you are a great candidate for a replacement pair of insoles.

Highest Rated Insoles For Boots


The Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole is one of the best insoles for work boots that offers support and comfort to your feet. It is a replacement insole for Timberland PRO work boots but also fits other brands. The insoles feature anti-fatigue properties, moisture management, and a dynamic arch design to help prevent foot fatigue from working on your feet for long hours.

An inverted cone foam design offers lightweight support that functions as a shock absorber, and the anatomically contoured footbed gives additional comfort and support. The insoles come with an arch design that adapts to all foot shapes.

Feet sweat during the summer when exercising and working in hot conditions. Sweaty feet may lead to fungal and bacteria growth and make socks and boots smell bad. The OrthoLite top layer manages moisture, decreasing the cause and effect of sweaty feet.

The Timberland Pro insoles sizing fits small women shoe sizes up to men’s size 14/15.

  • Inverted cone design ensures shock absorption, and the anti-fatigue technology prevents feet from getting tired.

  • The dynamic arch design fits any foot shape, and the anatomically contoured footbed cradles the foot for maximum comfort and support.

  • The OrthoLite top layer prevents sweaty feet with its moisture management ability.

  • The insoles are made to replace insoles for Timberland PRO footwear and fit in other work boot brands.

  • The insoles for work boots come in various sizes ranging from XS for women to XXL that fit men’s 14/15.


If you have a high arch, then the Superfeet GREEN Insoles are one of the best insoles for work boots to alleviate the foot and knee pain from poor shock absorption. The arch support and extra cushioning make it also an excellent unisex support insole when working at a construction site or other job sites with hard surfaces.

The high profile shape supports high arches providing the stability that reduces stress on feet, ankles, and knees. A high-density foam layer cushions the feet; the closed-cell soft foam offers long-lasting comfort for feet.

A deep heel cup provides natural shock abortion reducing the impact of excessive weight placed on the heel and ball of feet when walking or standing. The rigid stabilizer cap supports the rearfoot and gives structure and stability to the foam layer.

  • The high profile shape supports a high arch providing comfort and stability.

  • Deep heel cup gives shock absorption naturally, reducing the impact on the heels and ball of feet.

  • The stabilizer cap supports the rearfoot and structures the high-density foam layer that cushions the feet.

  • The NXT anti-bacteria coating keeps feet fresh and dry.

  • The imported replacement soles are made from durable and quality insole material.


The PowerStep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles offer comfort, support, and shock absorption for neutral arches and common foot conditions. If you don’t have any arch issues with your feet, except foot pain from working long hours on your feet, these supportive insoles are the best insoles for work shoes or boots.

Dual-targeted cushioning insoles feature a firm EVA foam base, a plush top layer, and PowerStep’s Variable Cushioning Technology for maximum comfort. Semi-rigid arch support and a deep heel cup ensure greater motion control; the anti-microbial top material keeps feet cool and odor-free when walking or running.

These shoe inserts help prevent and bring relief to foot pain caused by common foot conditions like heel and arch discomfort, mild to moderate pronation, metatarsal pain (ball of the foot), plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and tired, achy feet.

The PowerStep Pinnacle is a popular work shoe and boot insole because of its versatility in fitting in casual shoes, work boots, and athletic shoes for any foot type.

  • Dual-targeted insoles feature a firm EVA foam base, plush top layer, and Variable Cushioning Technology for utmost comfort.

  • The versatile shoe inserts fit in work boots, casual shoes, and athletic footwear for any foot type.

  • The anti-microbial top layer keeps feet dry and inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria in work boots.

  • Semi-rigid material provides heel and arch support for greater motion control.


The Footminders Comfort Orthotic Arch Support Insoles are one of the best insoles for work boots to correct the misalignment caused by flat feet. Developed by podiatrists, Footminders orthotic insoles reduce foot pain and heel pain caused by flat feet and plantar fasciitis.

Suppose you are a hairdresser, teacher, nurse, salesperson, construction worker, or work in an industry where you stand and walk for long hours. In that case, Footminders Comfort supportive insoles are among the best insoles to help improve foot health. The dual-layer orthotic technology and arch support make being on your feet all day a more comfortable experience.

People with flat feet tend to overpronate; these work boot insoles biomechanically realign your posture to alleviate the lower body and foot pain caused by overpronation. Front pads raise the metatarsal area relieving the foot pain at the ball of the foot, and the thick heel pads alleviate heel pain. The pads are made of shock-absorbing Durapontex materials to reduce the impact on the feet when walking on hard surfaces.

Recommended by podiatrists and chiropractors, the supportive insole design fits most footwear, including work boots, sports shoes, lace-up shoes, and sneakers.

  • Designed by podiatrists, the quality insoles correct misalignment from flat feet, reducing overpronation.

  • Shock-absorbing Durapontex materials and metatarsal raise relieve ball of foot pain and heel pain.

  • Dual-layer Orthotic technology cushioning and arch support relieve foot pain when standing and walking long hours.


The Carhartt Insite Technology Footbed CM19000 Insole was created from 120,000 3D foot scans, resulting in a uniquely designed shoe insole for comfort, fit, and form. The footbeds align feet in the most natural position.

Jobs that require effort to ensure sufficient traction and grip on slippery and uneven surfaces are tiring to the feet. The Ax Suede top cover material gives 30 percent more grip, reducing foot fatigue and feet slipping inside the work boots.

Two layers of support and comfort foam diminish muscle fatigue. The Pulsion Rebound energy foam features maximum rebound avoids feet from getting tired during long workweeks. The Single Density PU foam works with the pulsion foam providing the most comfort to the foot.

The Tetrapod anti-fatigue technology and unique tetrapod design distribute foot compression in various directions reducing foot fatigue; the shoe insole doesn’t lose its shape.

The Carhartt footbed with Insite Technology is an excellent work boot and shoe insole for heavy-duty work where people work long hours in warehouses and construction sites.

  • AX Suede top cover material reduces heat build-up with 30% better traction.

  • Single Density PU foam and Pulsion Rebound foam provide maximum rebound reducing foot fatigue.

  • Tetrapod anti-fatigue technology’s purpose is to keep your feet getting tired during long workweeks.

  • The unique shape design is the result of 120,000 3D foot scans.


If you have wide feet or a pair of cowboy boots, then the Ariate ATS Footbed is one of the best insoles for work boots with square toes. The unique Ariat ATS (Advanced Torque Stability) technology, gel pads, and breathable materials help prevent foot fatigue with its shock-absorbing benefits, comfort, and arch support.

The insoles follow the contour of the foot shape to fit snugly and comfortably. The 100% polyurethane material is lightweight and breathable. A gel-cushioned footbed with stabilizing heel cup provides shock absorption, rebound, stabilizes the feet for a steady tread, and supports the foot inside the work boot. The ergonomic composite forked shank is lightweight and further enhances stability.

The Ariat insole fits various footwear brands and is the best insoles for work boots and cowboy boots with square toes. The shoe insole is wide enough to fit men’s footwear sizes with D and EE width. The Ariat insoles also come in a round toe shape.

  • Square toe insoles fit D and EE width men’s shoes and square toe cowboy and work boots.

  • The unique ATS technology helps avoid foot fatigue with its shock-absorbing benefits.

  • A gel-cushioned heel and footpads feature comfort and support while wearing the insole in shoes or boots.

  • Ergonomic composite forked shanks improve stability.


The Jobsite Gel Work Insoles are comfortable insoles with anti-odor properties to alleviate sweaty and bad-smelling feet after a long day’s work. It is the best insoles for work boots of all sizes; the one-size trim feature at the toes ensures an insole that fits different foot sizes and footwear types.

Low arch support and a heel cup support the feet, providing pain relief. The insole is made from shock-absorbing material that helps prevent foot pain, heel pain, and lower body pain. The polyurethane gel’s weight-bearing and rebound features provide pressure relief and decrease foot fatigue. The closed-cell polyurethane foam features insulation, cushioning, and rebound properties that provide comfort and support to the feet.

The Aegis technology top fabric will keep your feet dry longer with its breathability, moisture-wicking, heat displacement qualities. The anti-odor and sweat technology keeps feet and work boots odor-free for longer.

  • PU Gel provides pressure relief and decreased foot pain.

  • The arch support design, heel cup, and shock-absorbing material reduce lower body pain.

  • The Aegis technology top fabric is breathable and heat-resistant to keep your feet dry and reduce odors from sweaty feet.


The Sof Sole Athletic Performance Full-Lenght Gel Shoe is suitable for all users looking for comfort and support in their work boots, athletic shoes, and other footwear. The insoles are designed to improve foot health when running, standing, and walking for long periods.

The neutral arch contoured design offers arch support for most types of feet. Pain in feet and even hip pain can be alleviated when shoe insoles support arches. Other benefits are better stability, balance, and improved posture, helping with pain relief in the feet, knees, legs, hips, and back.

Gel pads provide comfort in the heel area and forefoot without being bulky. The lightweight gel heel and forefoot pads are strategically placed for maximum cushioning comfort. A Hydrologix moisture-wicking treatment controls temperature and odors to keep your feet dry and odor-free.

If your job is tough on your feet and you need insoles that provide comfort and performance, Sof Sole Athletic insoles are among the best insoles for work boots. The shoe insole comes in five trim-to-fit sizes ranging from a men’s size 7-8.5 to size 15-16.

  • The neutral arch contoured design support arches of most feet types giving stability and balance.

  • Gel heel and forefoot pads provide extra cushioning and comfort.

  • Hydrologix moisture-wicking and odor management keep feet dry and odor-free.

  • The five fit-to-trim sizes will fit men’s work boots, athletic shoes, and casual footwear from size 7 to 16.


The Superfeet Copper Insoles molds to your feet for a personalized comfort experience that minimizes feet stress from being on your feet for extended periods. The low-profile, high-volume shoe insole fits any shoe or work boot snugly, and the pressure-sensitive memory foam shapes according to your feet for utmost cushioning and comfort.

Insoles made from memory foam require getting used to, but once it molds to your feet contours, you’ll experience comfort and support that alleviates pain and stress on feet, ankles, and knees.

The reinforced stabilizer heel cap supports the heel area and gives structure and stability to the closed-cell memory foam layer. A deep and narrow heel cup positions the heel for maximum support and shock absorption during high-impact job situations or endurance sports exercises. With an organic odor-control coating that eliminates odor-causing bacteria, feet and shoes won’t smell bad after a long workday.

These insoles are one of the best cushioning insoles for work boots and shoes to combat feet stress caused by labor-intensive work and long hours on your feet.

  • The pressure-related memory foam captures feet contours for personalized comfort.

  • A reinforced stabilizer heel cap provides structural stability to the foam layer and supports the heel area.

  • The heel cup positions the heel for maximum support with high impact.

  • The shoe insole has an odor control coating that eliminates odor-causing bacteria formation.


If you work on hard surfaces and suffer from muscle fatigue, Dr. Scholl’s Work Massaging Gel Insole is one of the best insoles for work boots, casual shoes, and sneakers. The shock-absorption and comfort massaging gel insole design reduce muscle fatigue in feet and legs.

The insoles are made with massaging gel technology and extra cushioning for ultimate comfort. The impact of walking on hard surfaces causes muscle fatigue; Dr. Scholl’s massaging gel insoles provide shock absorption that reduces the stress on the feet.

Softer gel waves in the ball of the foot provide cushioning and rebound, energizing your feet. The bouncier ripple gel waves in the heel create a spring effect that energizes feet. The Responsive Wave Cushioning is not only comfortable, but the multi-layers massaging gel in the heel provides the shock absorption in the areas your feet need it the most, at the heels and arches.

Extra forefoot cushioning protects the ball of the foot, and reinforced contoured construction supports the arch. The insole comes with cooling vents to keep feet dry, reducing feet overheating or sweating.

The trim-to-fit insole is one of the most affordable pairs of insoles for workers who need extra cushioning comfort to reduce muscle fatigue and achy feet.

  • Reinforced responsive-wave cushioning and support for people on their feet all day.

  • Gel waves in the forefoot and heel provide shock absorption when walking on hard surfaces.

  • Contoured arch support, cooling vents, and extra forefoot cushioning improves comfort and reduces muscle fatigue.

  • Dr. Scholl’s trim-to-fit insole is one of the most affordable insoles for work boots.


The Nazaroo Shoe Insoles are one of the best insoles for work boots if you have flat feet and suffer from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or foot pain. The insole design gently alleviates sole and heel pain, even pain up the leg and lower back pain caused by flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and overpronation.

Constructed for durability, the insoles consist of multiple layers offering maximum support and comfort. The insoles are made of high-quality materials from the EVA foam base to the breathable moisture-wicking top fabric. The second layer is a silicon pad for additional cushioning, and the three-point mechanical design supports the arch and alleviates foot pain with even weight distribution. A durable foam layer provides comfort, and the deep heel cup aligns and supports heels during impact.

The orthotic insoles’ extra layering helps with shock absorption, reduces muscle fatigue, and keeps feet cushioned and comfortable. At an affordable price and with a 100% money-back guarantee, the Nazaroo medical-grade orthotic inserts are one of the top picks for work boots insoles.

  • The multi-layered insole with an EVA foam base, silicon pad, and breathable top fabric help alleviate pain caused by plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, overpronation, and flat feet.

  • Made from high-quality materials for durability, the insoles come with a 100% moneyback guarantee.

  • The orthotic insoles fit all types of shoes, work boots, and sports footwear.


The Original Samurai Insoles combine affordability with biomechanically engineered insoles that support the arches to alleviate pain caused by flat feet, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, ankle pain, bunions, and heel spurs. Designed by podiatrists, the insoles put the energy back into foot mobility by alleviating the root cause of foot pain.

A flexible inner core offers ample support where needed, bounces back, and molds to your feet. The core supports feet in all the right places.

The insole is lightweight and low profile to fit without cutting or trimming in most footwear. The thin design ensures fitting a variety of shoe types and sizes.

  • Designed by a podiatrist, the biomechanically engineered insoles alleviate pain caused by common foot conditions.

  • The flexible inner core supports and molds to feet.

  • The insoles are lightweight and low profile to fit any type or size shoe.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Great Pair Of Replacement Insoles For Your Work Boots?

Do you need to know what type of insole is best for you? There are two main categories of insoles, though many different styles and types.

Arch Support And Stability Insoles

Arch support and stability insoles provide support to the arches, ankles, and sides of feet. You can buy them over the counter, or for really bad cases, a podiatrist can make you a pair of orthotic insoles. They are harder than comfort insoles to correct structural issues in the foot. The insoles can be arch supports only or replace the entire footbed.

Buy if:

You have arch problems

You suffer from plantar fasciitis

You have back pain, joint pain, or other structural issues in your feet

Comfort Insoles:

These insoles don’t provide support; they are softer and help absorb the impact of walking and standing. The insoles are made of memory foam or a gel layer. Instead of trying to correct a problem with your foot, they are meant to give shock absorption.

They are great for:

Blisters and sweating

Foot and leg fatigue

Bunions and bone spurs

Minor transitory foot pain

What Types of Insoles Are There Available To Buy?

While there are two types of insoles, there are many different boot insoles with unique features. Here’s a rundown of just a few of the replacement inserts you’ll run into while shopping.

Super Absorbent Insert Insoles

These insoles offer extra moisture-wicking features to help control sweaty feet. By getting rid of the moisture, excess sweating is minimized, which decreases the odors. The cotton fibers used in ultra-absorbent insoles absorb the sweat on a micro-scale in the same way a towel does.

Activated Carbon / Charcoal Inserts

Charcoal is known for its filtering and deodorizing properties. Activated charcoal or carbon is temperature treated to optimize the effect by expanding and creating millions of micro-pockets. It absorbs moisture and gas (odor-causing elements) like a sponge to keep feet dry and odorless.

Bamboo and Cedar Wood Insoles

Bamboo and cedarwood are, like charcoal, natural deodorizers. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of cedarwood work against odor-causing micro-organism caused by sweaty feet.

Cedarwood insoles are soft and comfortable as it molds to your feet and shoe soles. Its odor absorption properties are long-lasting. There are some claims that bamboo insoles could even improve blood circulation and metabolism.

Insoles For Going Sockless

Going sockless in shoes and work boots could worsen sweat and foul odors caused by sweaty feet. However, you can go sockless with highly effective insoles that can reduce moisture and odors. These insoles are generally washable.

Treated Wool Inserts

Treated wool inserts use compressed fibers in thin strips for maximum moisture wicking. Chemically treated, fungal and bacterial growth is inhibited. Air and moisture pass through the air spaces between the wool fibers and absorbs into the inserts, making the fabric ideal for breathability and absorbing moisture.

Natural Aromatherapy Insoles

Aromatherapy insoles are treated with natural deodorizing oils as opposed to chemically treated insoles. Lemon oil, lavender oil, and tea tree oil are the most common aromatherapy oils used to reduce foul odors. Tea tree oil also has antibacterial properties to inhibit odor-causing bacterial growth.

Ionized Insoles

Ionized insoles have a silver insole lining that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria through ionization technology. It works like a magnet, repelling and inhibiting unwanted elements and attracting desirable elements.

What is your favorite pair of insoles for work boots that help reduce tired feet and pain caused by common foot conditions?

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