Stylish Work Boots

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If you’re looking for that toss up between style, comfort, and safety, look no further!

In the discussion below we explore everything you need to know about choosing stylish work boots, their best features as well as where to get some of the best trendy work boots out there.

stylish work boots

Tips for Choosing Stylish Work Safety Boots

Everybody knows that both work boots and designer shoes can get somewhat pricey. This is why it is critical to understand what you are choosing before you go ahead and pay a fortune for a pair of stylish work boots.

The main emphasis here is that the form or appearance should follow the function of the boots and not the other way around.

Here are some tips for choosing the best stylish work boots:

  • Check to see if the stylish shoes have a good grip.
  • Make sure the ankles are padded for all-day comfort.
  • The shoes need to have at least three layers: a strong outer sole, a protective midsole and a comfortable inner sole.
  • If they are made with clean lines using leather, check to make sure they are coated and oiled or they will not last long.
  • A soft toe shoe will not protect your feet from falling objects, so make sure there is a safety toe.
  • Choose a pair of boots that you can clean after using them otherwise their stylish appeal will fall apart in no time.
  • Stick to one or two colors – the more synergy your shoes have, the classier they will look which will help you to use them both formally and casually.

Best Stylish Work Boot Features

The following characteristics will upgrade your designer work boots from fashion items to stylish foot guardians in the blink of an eye!

  • Shock Absorption – Foot and leg pains are often a result of long periods of impact upon the feet. Shock absorbing work boots will deflect a large portion of this impact, preventing fatigue and pain in the long run.
  • Waterproof – True waterproof boots that look good are hard to come by. Most safety boots are water resistant, allowing you to dip them in water without getting damp feet, but not to immerse your shoes for long periods of time. Waterproof leather boots are generally treated with a special coating to keep them leak-proof.
  • Full-Grain Leather – Full-grain leather is better quality than top grain and genuine leather, which means that it will last longer, act tougher, be thicker and look much better.
  • Safety Toe – A safety toe is vital for construction work, yet less so for kitchen and some forms of farm work. Non-metal toes tend to be lighter than steel toes, while still offering the same degree of protection. However, metal toes are better at preventing punctures.
  • Heat & Chemical Resistance – There is no point in wearing a pair of stylish shoes in a factory if you are likely to spill more-than-boiling hot or acidic substances on them. They will probably melt on day 1. Chemical and heat resistant work boots prevent this from happening and are far more durable.

Reviews: The Top Stylish Work Boots

Below are some stylish work boots that can easily dual as trendy casual wear and in some cases, formal boots.

  • The sleek and stylish look of the Timberland PRO Disruptor Chukka work shoe appears as though they are ordinary sneakers, when in fact they are fully equipped construction shoes.
  • An alloy metal toe is concealed in the front of the work boot and able to protect your toe from heavy objects.
  • A durable shank under the inner sole helps to maintain rigid arch support, allowing you to remain on your feet every day.
  • Bio shock suspension adds improved comfort, flex and ultimate arch support, making each step lighter.
  • The underside yields a contoured shock diffusion plate, sending impact away from your feet.
  • A padded, anti-fatigue insole provides the best comfort, the signature of all Timberland PRO’s construction boots.

  • These insulated work boots are very trendy, almost emulating dress shoes with their elaborate stitch-work and design.
  • Perfectly insulated with a mesh lining and a pigskin collar, these dress-up dress-down work boots will keep your feet dry and cozy all year round.
  • Made with top-quality full-grain leather, to ensure they last a long time.
  • The undersides of these boots are slip and oil resistant, making them perfect for working in slippery environments.
  • A soft toe provides extra comfort and makes these work boots very light compared to other work boots.
  • Not suitable for working environments where heavy objects can fall on your feet.

  • If you prefer to wear comfortable athletic shoes during your downtime, you will probably really love these sporty construction shoes too!
  • The PU outsoles are heat resistant up to 248F as well as slip-proof and abrasion resistant.
  • An antimicrobial mesh lining on the inside of these sporty work shoes keeps your feet fresh, dry and odorless.
  • A shaft rests under your arches for perfect support under high pressure, keeping you on your feet for the full workday.
  • The print on the outside is abrasion resistant, ensuring that you’ll always rock up to work with a trendy pair of construction sneakers.
  • An alloy toe in the front will protect your feet from pressure or heavy objects.


A stylish and handsome looking pair of Work Boots that Boasts a Western Style, the Work Hog in Croc Print from ariat.

  • A stunning pair of square Toe Western Style Work Boots with a Croc print design and decorative stitching on the shaft.
  • Features a protective composite toe.
  • Genuine leather upper construction that is tough and durable.
  • ATS advanced Torque stability technology.
  • The durable U-Turn Duratread outsole is slip and oil resistant.

  • If you’re a cowboy, love horses and spend most of the time on a farm doing heavy work, then these stylish work boots will feel like winning the lottery!
  • A round toe profile gives your feet plenty of room, capped off with a concealed steel toe that meets all safety standards.
  • The inner lining of the boot is breathable and moisture-wicking, making your feet feel comfortable, dry and cool all day.
  • Unlike traditional cowboy boots, the outsoles are oil and slip resistant with a high level of traction and grip.
  • A 4-layer bed of cushioned comfort awaits you as you slide your feet in, which is bound to keep you comfortable for hours on end.
  • There are also multiple different colors and styles to choose from.

  • Skaters that need a pair of construction shoes will be all over these stylish safety sneakers – nobody would know the difference!
  • A hidden steel toe lies within these classic style skate shoes, keeping your feet safe from falling objects.
  • Equipped with electrical hazard protection, these sneakers will prevent you from electrocuting yourself while on the job.
  • The master-grip rubber outsoles have brilliant traction, preventing you from slipping on wet or oily surfaces.
  • MemoryTech Massage footbed, that adapts to the contours of your foot and provides excellent cushioning.
  • Sublite foam midsole for lightweight cushioning and soft support.
  • 6 different colors and patterns are available.


A Wedge Sole Work Boot that can be worn both on site and in the office, the Timberland Pro Wedge Sole Boot in Tan is made for comfort and style.

  • Durable and soft leather uppers from full grain leather with a Moccasin Toe and Top Stitching.
  • A Contrasting Wedge platform sole with a durable and slip resistant rubber outsole.
  • The EVA midsole ensures ample comfort and shock absorbency.
  • Available in a Rich tan color option.


A stunning slip on work boot in a rich dark brown, oil tanned leather, designed for hard wearing, not compromising on appeal.

  • The Uppers are constructed of high quality dark brown, oil tanned leather.
  • A tough and durable design with a comfortable fit that is easy to slip on and off.
  • The pull tab at the back helps you to easily slip this boot on and off.
  • A great option when changing from on site boots to a more comfortable and appealing work boot for the office or other occasions.
  • The rubber outsole is robust and provides excellent grip on slippery surfaces of all kinds.


Gorgeous stitching detail on smooth leather, available in a few neutral and rich color options for your personal preference. The RedWing Iron ranger is a Classy and Tough Work Boot all in one.

  • Exceptional quality construction with Triple Stitching that is decorative and durable.
  • Manufactured from 100% pure leather, available in a few color shades.
  • A durable Vibram oustole that offers exceptional slip resistance.
  • Comfortable foot bed and easy lace up fit.


The Wolverine Floorhand has a simple yet sophisticated appeal to it, with the addition of a protective steel toe and some other great safety and comfort features.

  • Full Grain Waterproof leather construction.
  • A durable rubber outsole that provides extra traction, and slip resistance.
  • The foot bed is Cushioned for all day comfort and support.
  • Available in a Dark Brown, Black and Tan color option for you to choose from.

Comparison Table: Top Stylish Work Boots

1Timberland PRO Men's Disruptor Work Shoe - Stylish Anti-Fatigue Work Boots
  • Metal Safety Toe
  • Shock Diffusion
Timberland PRO99
2Golden Fox Men's Moc Leather Boots - Stylish Moc Leather Work Boots
  • Soft Toe
  • Oil Resistant
Golden Fox96
3Timberland PRO Men's Powertrain Work Shoes - Stylish Sporty Construction Work Shoes
  • Heat Resistant
  • Alloy Toe
Timberland PRO97
4Ariat Men's Work Hog - Stylish Cowboy Leather Work Boots
  • Full-Grain Leather
  • Composite Toe
5Ariat Men's Groundbreaker Pull-On - Stylish Cowboy Work Boots
  • 4-layer Comfort
  • Breathable Lining
6Reebok Work Men's Sublite - Trendy Skate Style Construction Shoes
  • Electric Hazard Protection
  • Steel Toe
Reebok Work96
7Timberland Pro Men's Wedge Sole - Stylish Work Boot
  • Wedge Sole
  • EVA Midsole
Timberland Pro97
8Carhartt Men's Romeo - Slip On Work Boot with Style
  • Rubber Sole
  • Durable
9RedWing Heritage Men's Iron Ranger - Classy Work Boot
  • Vibram Outsole
  • Triple Stitched
RedWing Heritage98
10Wolverine Men's Floorhand - Traditional Style Work Boot
  • Cushioned
  • Waterproof
  • Steel Toe

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