Best ESD Rated Static Dissipative Work Boots

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Laying any proper foundation when it comes to workplace safety, most definitely starts from the ground up. All safety footwear comes complete with its own unique symbols and ratings, which show what protective safety features they have and for what type of environment they are meant.

Electro static Dissipative rated safety footwear in turn protects you against the build-up of static electricity in a workplace where this is a major hazard.

best esd rated static dissipative work boots

What Exactly is an ESD rated Safety Shoe

An ESD safety Work Boot, or alternatively, Static Dissipative Footwear is used in a work environment where the build-up of static electricity can cause damage to sensitive machinery, or ignite flammable materials.

ESD safety work boots prevent the build-up of static electricity by allowing small charges of static electricity to be dissipated into your walking surface when you are walking.

Although these types of safety shoes are ideal for industries such as working with circuit boards, computer chips or flammable substances like paint, they are NOT RECOMMENDED for areas with OPEN CIRCUIT BOARDS or HIGHLY CHARGED EQUIPMENT!

The Difference between ESD and SD Rated Safety Shoes

Balloons ESD

Unlike your Electrical Hazards Safe working boot, you can have an ESD safety work boot with or without a safety toe. Conductive boots and static dissipative boots are quite similar, as they both dissipate static electricity, although a conductive work boot just does this much faster.

ESD or SD Work Boots

Electro Static Dissipative, or Static Dissipative work boots minimizes the charge your body creates a result of a static charge generated from conducting electricity while you are walking.

When you are working in an environment where you produce materials that are electrical, you do not want to give off static electricity generated by your body from contact with these to other equipment that could be rendered useless or become ignited.

An SD shoe minimizes this charge and the build-up of static in your body when you are in these environments.

EH Work Boots

Electrical Hazard Safe Work Boots on the other hand, is designed to considerably decline the flow of electricity through your body, in the incident where you may be electrocuted.

An EH boot does not stop you from experiencing an electrical shock, but rather slows down the electricity as it goes through your body, to protect you.

Some Other Features of ESD Work Boots

ESD protection device
Besides being Electro Static Dissipative, ESD work boots may likewise have some other Protective and comfort features;

  • Manufactured from durable and genuine leather with a waterproof membrane such as Gore-Tex, or water resistant properties.
  • Abrasion-resistant uppers or outsole.
  • A durable slip and oil resistant rubber or Vibram outsole.
  • A Puncture plate.
  • Prospective steel, composite or alloy toe cap.
  • Metatarsal guard.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Heat resistance.
  • Breathable and moisture wicking lining.
  • A comfortable and cushioned insole or footbed.
  • A shock absorbing midsole, usually EVA.
  • A shank for support and stability.

Reviews: Best Available ESD Rated Work Boots


These ESD rated work boots from Carhartt give you the full package when it comes to protection and comfort.

  • An ASTM rated safety toe manufactured from strong steel.
  • Full leather uppers that are oil tanned for resilience, flexibility, and are fully waterproof.
  • An Ortholite comfort insole for all-day cushioned comfort.
  • The direct attach welt construction, joins the PU outsole to the leather uppers for extreme durability.
  • Molded TPU counters with Achilles Flex Joints for stability and durability.
  • The soles are oil, chemical and slip resistant with a slip-resistant tread for slick, icy and wet floors.
  • Electrical hazards and Static electricity safe.


The six-inch Golden colored Nubuck leather Reebok Athletic style work boot, has a casual appeal, with all the necessary safety features.

  • Nubuck leather uppers with a Nylon mesh lining to wick away moisture.
  • A removable F2A dual density polyurethane Cushioned insert and Heel Shock eliminator.
  • The Midsole features EVA cushioning and the rubber outsole offers slip, heat, abrasion and oil resistance.
  • A wrap around shank stabilizer and an Aircom Heel Airbag.
  • Features a protective composite toe as well as Static Dissipative Security features.


The iron Age Backstop is an ankle high work boot ideal for construction work sites, as well as work sites where there is much static electricity build up.

  • Brown and black leather options in an ankle high work boot, with a rubber high-abrasion heel and toe.
  • A comfortable padded collar.
  • Features an ARZ+ Impact protection heel pad for shock absorbency.
  • Electrical Static Dissipative features and properties.


A longer length slip-on work boot from the well known and trusted, caterpillar brand, Static Dissipative and stylish, with a rugged design and reliable durability.

  • Durable yet comfortable smooth Mahogany colored leather uppers with easy on and off pull tabs.
  • A longer length design for better ankle and leg protection.
  • A classic pull-on boot design that has some good looking features.
  • The steel toe offers excellent toe protection.
  • The rubber outsole is fully slip and oil resistant.
  • Offers outstanding static dissipative properties for protection against static build up.


For individuals working in less harsh environments that are not industrial but rather sensitive technology labs, where static electricity build up is an issue, the Timberland Pro Power Train is an athletic work shoe that is more lightweight and less bulky and robust, for such a work environment.

Timberland Pro is a top name brand when it comes to working footwear, so you are still guaranteed a work shoe that is tough and durable, and of the highest quality.

  • Breathable and lightweight leather and textile uppers.
  • Industrial standard work shoe with microfiber leather and mesh for lightweight comfort.
  • A protective alloy safety toe and cement construction for durable flexibility and reduced break-in time.
  • An anti-fatigue technology outsole for shock absorbency and excellent slip resistance.
  • A PU midsole and static dissipative performance to reduce static build up.

So Should You Choose SD or ESD Rated Work Boots?

For anyone who tends to protect themselves against electrical shock, and Electrical Hazard Safe work boot is all that you will require. On the other hand an ESD, or Electro Static Dissipative work boot may not protect you against electrical shock, but rather dissipate the build-up of static electricity that can cause harm to mechanics or cause flammable substances to ignite.

The boots I have chosen have many other unique protective and comfort features, along with being very durable and high quality, but they offer protection against static electricity alone for the most part, and are not EH rated to work on open electrical circuits.

Index Table: The Best ESD Rated Work Boots

1Carhartt Men's CMW8200 - Waterproof ESD Rated Work Boots
  • Steel Toe
  • Waterproof
  • Ortholite Insole
2Reebok Men's Athletic - Composite Toe ESD Rated Work Boot
  • Composite Toe
  • Cushioned
  • Slip Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
3Iron Age Men's Backstop - ESD Safety Work Boot
  • Impact protection Heel
  • Abrasion Resistant Rubber Reinforcements
Iron Age96
4Caterpillar Men's Edgework - Static Dissipative Slip On Work Boot
  • Steel Toe
  • Static Dissipative
5Timberland Pro Men's Power Train - Static Disipative Atheltic Work Shoe
  • Anti-Fatigue
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Alloy Toe
Timberland Pro98

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