Breaking In New Work Boots, Fast

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You have most likely heard the talk on the job site concerning breaking in methods for work boots. Everyone has their own magical remedy to make those crisp, uncomfortable new pair of work boots fit like a dream.

Well, in this article we have pursued some of the most effective methods to help your break in your work boots speedily!

breaking in new work boots fast

Why Should You Break In your Workboots?

Take it from me with any new pair of work boots you have two options, either endure a bit of pain and pinching for a week or two until they are broken in, or you can use some of the suggested methods of breaking in or softening your work boots before attempting to wear them.

To start with, improper footwear that does not fit accurately, or does not offer the appropriate measures of support and comfort, will cause pain and damage to your feet, whether broken in or not. So it is imperative to invest in the right pair of work shoes for your foot type, as well as to make sure that they, in fact, do fit you.

Work boots are not just there to protect your feet from outside hazards, but just as important to protect and keep them well supported on the inside.

You are looking at, at least two weeks of pain and discomfort that may be moderate to severe, in most cases where you have purchased new work boots. After this, they will start stretching and becoming more comfortable to wear, molding to the shape of your feet.

Most of us cannot afford to have shoes pinching and pressing at our feet while trying to perform significant work tasks, let alone having to take care of blisters and bruises after a long day at work.

Therefore using a good method to break in your shoes, to soften them up a bit, can make a huge difference.

There will still be some break-in time for the shoes to conform to your feet, but they will be substantially more comfortable and take much less time to be broken in.

We have researched and compiled some of the best and safest methods to hasten the breaking in process, without compromising the quality and functionality of your work boots.

Methods of Breaking in New Workboots

Here are a couple of our top methods for breaking in your work boots;

Using Hot Water

This method is used by those serving in the military to soften their boots.

  • Fill a large container with it, not boiling water.
  • Submerge your new shoes in hot water completely.
  • Leave the work boots in hot water for around 30 minutes.
  • After the time has passed, remove them and remove all the excess water from your boots.
  • Put on some sock and put on the work boots, wear them for around 30-60 minutes.
  • After this, your work boots should fit snugly and be broken in, effectively.

Using Cold Water

This is another method which requires cold water, without having to submerge your work boots, perfect for materials that should not be submerged in water.

  • You will need to fill two Ziploc bags with cold water.
  • Make sure to remove all excess air in the bag before you seal it.
  • Place the Ziploc bag with water inside your boot, making sure to angle it so that it reaches all the areas of the boot that pinches.
  • Lace up the boot after you have placed the bag with water inside.
  • Place your boots facing upwards in the freezer, leave them there overnight.
  • The water in the bags will freeze and expand, stretching the boot to the perfect size.
  • Remove your boots from the freezer and allow to stand until the ice is melted completely, before removing the Ziploc bags.
  • Your work boots are no ready to be worn.

The Stick treatment

A simple and much faster method of breaking in new work boots is the stick method.

  • You will need to arrange either a broom or a mopstick for this procedure.
  • Insert the broom or mop stick in such a way into the shoe, that the stick aims towards the tight and pinching areas of your work boot.
  • Now you can gently bend the boot over the broom or mop stick.
  • Discoloration will indicate that that portion of the shoe is stretched out.
  • You can now proceed to other portions of the shoe that is too tight, using the same method.

Treating with Oil

Breaking in your work boots with oil treatment is not just easy and effective, but similarly good for your work boots.

  • You will need to purchase mink oil, or another leather conditioner of your choice, suitable for the specific leather type of your work boots.
  • Apply the leather oil or conditioner to the areas where the pinching occurs, generously.
  • Leave the boot in a cool dry area overnight.
  • Wipe the oil off the next morning, taking care to remove as much as possible.
  • The area where the oil was applied should now be much softer and more pliable.

Using Alcohol as a Treatment

Yet another fast and efficient method to break in your work boots is using alcohol.

  • Put your boot on and walk a bit, ensure that you identify exactly where the problem areas are.
  • Take a cotton bud and dip it into some pure alcohol.
  • Apply the alcohol to the areas where pinching occurs with the cotton bud and keep it there.
  • Remove the bud after a couple of minutes.
  • You should now feel softening of that specific area.

These are some of the best and most effective ways to break in your new work boots. Just keep in mind to check the material of your work boot as some of these methods may be damaging to certain materials, for example, suede which should not be submerged in water.

To Conclude

Being comfortable in your work boots is absolutely critical as it can greatly affect your work performance, and the well being of your feet.

When you break in new work boots, they will easily conform to the shape of your feet giving you the most comfortable fit, without pain or pinching.

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