1. Elaine L Moore says:

    why did you only review men’s boots? women are car mechanics too! we also work in construction. it has been impossible to find women’s work boots online.

    1. David Alegeta says:

      Hi Elaine!

      I hope you are well. I would have to agree, it is impossible to find women’s work boots online. We do struggle with this as well which is why sometimes we do not have them in our reviews. We absolutely would love to include them as we do have a women audience.

      If you’re looking for women’s work boots we have put together a review here: http://workbootsreview.com/top-10-most-comfortable-working-boots-for-women/

      We have also been adding women’s work boots where ever we can. I hope you can understand that we too have a hard time finding the work boots for women and that you’re not alone. But we do try our best to find them and include them when we can.

      I hope that helps!


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