When it comes to work boots, there are many factors to take into account that will have an influence on making the best choice for Work Boots for your occupation and the complete comfort of your feet.
Safety Footwear is a work tool for your feet that provides protection against job hazard’s as well as against discomfort and foot fatigue. Finding the best work boots that match your particular work environment and comfort needs are of vital importance to help you perform at your peak and focus on the work at hand without fear of injury or discomfort.

Here are some of the top rated choices in work boots for each of their categories and requirements;

When your job entails being on your feet and moving around for most of the day, a heavy work boot can cause much strain and stress on your legs and feet that may result in foot fatigue. A lightweight work boot can help to prevent this and puts less strain on your muscles.
The Timberland Pro Titan Series is a lightweight work boot that is still durable and protective enough for a harsh industrial environment.
This work boot features a Powerfit comfort system, breathable moisture wicking liner, and comfortable leather uppers. The Alloy safety to meets ATSM standards and the oil and slip resistant outsole provides stability on all floor surfaces.

A well-constructed boot using cement construction methods made out of fine quality materials that are flexible and require no break in period.

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For occupations in the law enforcement or security fields a well fitting pair of tactical boots that are durable, flexible and breathable are a top priority. Because these work fields are fast paced and require pristine performance at all times, there is no room for mistakes or sore feet.
The Danner Tachyon GTX features a lightweight design that is durable and waterproof with fast-drying nylon and leather uppers.

The durable composite rubber outsole ensures excellent traction and absorption resistance as well as slip resistance on wet or oily floor surfaces. The Danner Tachyon GTX also has a Gore-Tex lining for exceptional breathability keeping your feet cool and dry when needed the most.

Danner prides themselves in their superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, therefore ensuring you’re a work boot that is of the best quality and construction.

The Danner Tachyon GTX is one of your best bets when it comes to a find more tactical work boot, particularly for its comfort and lightweight.


A Minimalist work boot gives your feet the maximum amount of free movement as well as sensation while still providing ample protection against work hazards.
The minimalist work boot has a lower to the ground profile and is more flexible, allowing you a more natural motion when walking along with the feeling that you are walking barefoot.

The Belleville Tactical TR103 is a minimalist work boot with a 2mm heel to forefoot drop and an extremely lightweight construction.
The Vibram outsole still provides ample protection against puncture hazards and ensures a good grip on slippery floor surfaces. The uppers are manufactured from breathable leather and nylon that dries fast and keeps your feet well ventilated and dry in all circumstances.

The Belleville Tactical is also a very durable work boot because of its triple stitched seam construction and the high-quality materials used in the manufacturing of this exceptional minimalist workboot.

A perfect combination of lightweight and flexible movement, as well as ample protection in the workplace.

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Trying to perform at work with cold or wet feet is quite impossible, wet feet can also lead to frostbite in a colder working environment as well as other foot conditions.
When you work in a wet environment, it is critical that you wear a work boot that provides the maximum amount of waterproofing to keep your feet completely dry.

The Timberland Pro Titan Series offers you a Waterproof work boot that is lightweight and breathable with the added protection of an alloy safety toe.
Along with being completely waterproof the Timberland Pro Titan also has a breathable, moisture-wicking mesh lining that ensures your feet stay dry from the inside and outside.
Timberland Pro also offers the PowerFit system to ensure that you have the most comfortable and best fitting work boot.

Other features such as the slip and oil resistant rubber outsole as well as the extremely durable cement construction method used make this work boot one of the best in its class.
When it comes to work boots in general Timberland Pro always comes up as one of the highest rated options and best choices for comfort, protection, and durability.


A Pull-on Work Boot is a boot that still provides the maximum amount of comfort, protection, and durability while having the added benefit of being easy to put on and take off.
If you are in an occupation where you need to change shoes from office to site, for example, pull-on work boot is an easy and efficient alternative.

The ariat Workhog Pull-On H2O is an all condition waterproof work boot with a western pull-on style.
This exceptional pull-on work boot features many amazing characteristics such as torsional stability to prevent foot fatigue, lightweight cushioning and an EVA midsole for extra comfort as well as an oil and slip resistant outsole to keep your firm on your feet.

The full grain leather uppers and Goodyear Welt construction ensure a durable and excellent quality work boot, and the Duratread outsole is self-cleaning and non-tracking.
The Ariat work boot is designed to meet all the athletic demands of industrial work as well as provide the much needed protection in this harsh working environment.
You can trust Ariat for the best performance and durability as well as much deserved comfort and protection against work hazards and weather elements.

A perfect choice for construction or outdoor work.

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Plantar Fasciitis is a condition that causes chronic heel pain, which can be so uncomfortable that you may find it difficult to walk or stand on your feet. This can impede your productivity at work and may also affect your overall performance.
Wearing footwear with a strong heel counter and supportive and cushioned insole or midsole that provides good shock absorption can help to relieve the pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis and to fight foot fatigue.

The Wolverine W02072 is an athletic mid height work boot that will provide you with the comfort features to help fight the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis as well as provide excellent durability and protection in an industrial work environment.

This work boot also offers excellent slip resistance as well as a steel toe for added protection against falling objects and compression hazards.
The mesh lining improves breathability while the EVA midsole and higher ankle ensure added comfort features and stability.

This boot is constructed using only the finest materials and cement construction methods to ensure durability.
The Wolverine athletic is also water, abrasion, chemical, heat, and slip-resistant making it the perfect all round work boot with and athletic style and superb comfort features.
This work boot is the best choice for anyone who suffers from Plantar Fasciitis and is perfect for any work environment. You cannot go wrong with the Wolverine athletic when it comes to comfort, durability and overall safety.

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When you are on your feet for many long hours or if you suffer from a painful foot condition a comfortable and supportive insole in your work boot can make a world of difference.
A pair of thick supportive insoles in your work boots will reduce stress and strain on your feet and lower limbs and also provide added arch support, cushioning and much needed shock absorption.

There are many different insoles to choose from that vary in thickness, density, material and other technical features. We have found the Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Work Insole to be one of the top-rated choices in insoles for work boots in general.

The Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles for work boots provide excellent gel cushioning along with good shock absorption and much needed support for a long day on your feet.
This is a tough and durable insole that will last with everyday wear on hard-working feet.

What makes the Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel insole so unique is the fact that it molds to the shape of your feet and provides the right amount of cushioning and support in the areas where you need it the most. This insole is also an excellent choice for working on hard floor surfaces as it provides ample shock absorption.
An ideal choice for any work boot.

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The construction of most work boots, enhance their protective and durability features, most of them tend to overheat and make your feet sweat quite a bit in hot weather conditions and during summers. When you work in hot weather, sweat on your feet can cause chafing and blisters as well as other skin irritations and athletes foot.

Having a work boot that I suitable for hot climates or conditions is a necessity to keep your feet dry and comfortable as well as well ventilated and cool to prevent foot fatigue.
The Redwing Heritage Moc Toe Work Boot is one of the most chosen options for a work boot for hot weather conditions and summertime.

This is a handsome and durable work boot that features a crepe wedge as its foundation with a thick treaded outsole that is perfect for outdoor work.
Lightweight and durable waterproof materials have been used in the construction of this boot together with Goodyear welt construction methods for improved quality and durability.
This boot is breathable and waterproof keeping your feet cool and dry in all weather climates.
Red Wing is a tried and trusted work boot brand, and this specific model is available in different color options.

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When it comes to comfort, particularly if you have a health or foot condition an orthopedic shoe is always your best option. There are quite a few Orthopedic Work Boot models and brands available, and the choice will depend on your personal needs as well as the hazard protection required by your work environment.

We have found that the Drew Shoe Rockport Boot is one of the toughest and most comfortable all round work boots that is popular amongst many working men as an Orthopedic work boot.
The Drew Shoe Rockport offers comfort features such as added depth and a removable footbed allowing you the use of your own orthotics as well as an ideal Plus fitting system for the perfect fit.

The waterproof leather uppers and breathable linings keep your feet dry and fresh in any climate or work environment, and the slip-resistant outsole keeps your well grounded on different floor surfaces.
For added support and rigidity a steel shank is also placed in the shoe.

The Drew Shoe Rockport is a highly supportive and comfortable orthopedic work shoe that still provides ample protection against work hazards as well as lasting durability for tough everyday use.
When it comes to orthopedic shoes, Drew Shoes are one of the top names that come up for their superior quality and comfortable support.


Having the perfect pair of work boots for your foot type and work environment is key, but then again you also need to consider the right pair of socks to go with your work boots.
When thinking socks to go with your work boots you need to look for something that is tough and durable as well as comfortable.

The type of sock you will need will also depend on the work environment, whether you need insulated socks to keep you warm or breathable socks to keep your feet cold in warm weather conditions.
Carhartt offers a three pack of socks from the Force Work Crew series that are a blend of polyester, Nylon, and Lycra spandex.

These socks are moisture wicking and dry very fast to keep your feet dry and fresh at all times. The 37.5 technology used in the construction of the Carhartt socks keep your feet at an ideal temperature making them the perfect choice for any weather conditions. Other features such as odor-fighting technology, and mesh cooling panels for improved ventilation also improves the functionality of these socks.

A reinforced heel and toe give your protection and durability in high wear areas.
As you can see the Carhartt Force Work socks are the perfect choice for wearing with work boots in any work conditions or work environment. They provide good temperature control for both hot and cold conditions, as well as a comfortable fit and long-lasting durability.

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Hunting today is either a sport or hobby and can be an occupation where herds are culled, or products are produced and supplied to clients. Hunting is mostly done during winter months in most countries. Therefore a well insulated cold weather hunting boot with complete waterproofing is absolutely vital.

Hunting boots come in insulation levels from uninsulated up to 200grams and up to insulated 1000 grams for extreme cold weather conditions. Any good hunting boot will also be waterproof protecting your feet against frostbite and infections caused by wetness.

The Rocky BearClaw is a very popular hunting boot for cold weather conditions because of its high 1400gram insulation levels.
This is a mid-calf boot that is insulated with 1400 grams of Thinsulate 3M insulation, one of the most popular and best insulation methods and materials.

The durable waterproof material and breathable Gore-Tex fabric used to manufacture the BearClaw help to give you a long lasting boot that will keep your feet superbly dry and comfortable.
The Rocky BearClaw work boots for hunting are sure to keep your feet warm and dry in any weather conditions. A sturdy well manufactured 3D welt construction boot that will provide long lasting durability and exceptional comfort.

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Landscaping contractors spend many tedious hours on their feet most likely in mud, water, dirt and uneven surfaces outdoors, therefore for them, a proper pair of work boots is crucial. The most important characteristics of a work boot for a landscaper is comfort, stability, waterproofing and protection against the hazards in their work environment.

The Timberland Pro Pitboss provides all of that and more.
Timberland Pro is one of the biggest and most trusted names in work boots, and the Pitboss is a very popular choice in workboot not only for Landscaping but also for construction and other industrial occupations where safety and durability are required.

The Pitboss has a protective steel toe and slip, oil and abrasion-resistant lug outsole which is important for outdoor work. The pit boss is also waterproof and provides the best traction on slippery floor sauces.
Comfort features such as the Agion Microbial cover on the footbed, moisture-wicking midsole, roomy toe box and removable sock liner makes this the perfect work boot for a long day on your feet.
Top it all off with electrical hazard protection, and you have the perfect all-around boot for any work environment, particularly for landscaping work!

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Mechanics are on their feet all day moving around quite a bit; a mechanic also works in an environment filled with many different hazards. Falling objects, electrical shock, wet and oily floors, and many other hazards are present in the everyday life of a mechanic.

Caterpillar is a trusted work boot brand today known among many industrial workers for their durability and comfort. The Caterpillar Endure are lace-up leather work boots, strongly built with extra tough full grain leather using stitch Goodyear welt construction methods making this a durable and long-lasting work boot for harsh environments. The padded collar and tongue provide added comfort while the cushioned anti-microbial insole keeps your feet completely dry and fresh.

Safety features such as electrical hazard protection, a steel toe, and a non-slip rubber outsole make the Caterpillar Endure the perfect choice for a Mechanic.
This work boot is tough and durable as well as comfortable, two important aspects of any good work boot, the added protection of a steel toe comes in handy in any work environment where there are falling object and compression risks. The electrical hazard protection will keep you safe from electrical shock during maintenance and mechanical work.

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Roofing construction is a very high-risk occupation with dangerous and fatal potential hazards such as slipping and falling. Loose debris, ladders, weather elements and tripping hazards all result in great risks to any roofing contractor that can result in severe injuries even death.
For these reasons, the main function of a good work boot for roofing construction is excellent grip, the most important part of a roofing work boot is, therefore, its outsole!.

Most roofing work boots have thick outsoles that are replaceable and very durable in order to withstand the constant abrasion caused by the shingles and tar used on a roof.

One of the best choices in a work boot for Roofing Construction is the Thorogood american Heritage Roofer Boot. One of the toughest work boots with oil tanned, rugged leather uppers that are flexible and comfortable and reinforced seam rivets to resist damage.

Comfort features such as a shock absorbing footbed, Poron 4000 comfort cushion, and fiberglass shank for arch support ensures all-day comfort and support for a long day on your feet, especially on hard and uneven surfaces.
Lastly and most importantly the Christy blown rubber wedge outsole is made from hard grabbing Vibram to ensure the best grip on the worst of surfaces preventing slips and falls.

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It is completely correct to expect a hefty price tag on the best quality and most durable work boots as the materials used in these work boots are expensive to ensure that these work boots are the best.
Although in many cases there are cheaper alternatives that will still offer you quality, durability, comfort and ample protection against work hazards. Finding a pair of work boots that are good quality, durable, comfortable and have the required safety features without the extra cost can be another very daunting task.
One of the most outstanding work boot brands that are a cheaper alternative is the Ever Boots Tank; a soft toe full grain oiled leather, insulated work boot.

This exceptional work boot offers quality construction with uppers made from full grain leather using the best Goodyear welt construction method, as well as a durable rubber outsole that ensures excellent slip resistance. Comfort features such as the cushioned insole that is removable provide comfort and support along with the option of using your own orthotics.

The Ever Boots Tank can also be re-soled when needed which is a great advantage to any work boot.
The Tank Ever Boots are a durable, comfortable and great quality which is exactly what you are looking for in a work boot, built with this boot it is also very affordable.
One of the best affordable work boots for its quality by far!

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As you can see from our list, these are the best available Workboots and accessories to give you the most comfortable and well-protected work experienced according to your specific needs and requirements.

How To Choose a WorkBoot

There are three main Characteristics to look at when choosing a Workboot, your comfort requirements, the hazards at your worksite and of-course the durability needs of the workboot.

Work hazards

Electrical Hazards are present for anyone working around or with electricity or electrical equipment that can cause electrical shock, electrical hazard proof work boots are designed with non-conductive and shock-resistant soles and heels.

Cutting hazards, as well as falling object and compression hazards, are present in most industrial work environments. Therefore a work boot with a safety toe made from steel, aluminum or a composite material may be required to protect your feet against these hazards. A metatarsal guard can also provide protection for the upper part of the foot against compression and falling object hazards.
Puncture resistant safety footwear has a steel or composite plate in the midsole that protects you from sharp objects such as nails and screws that may puncture the soles of your feet.

The temperature and weather or climate conditions of your work environment will also have an effect on your choice of work boots. For a cold environment, insulation may be required whereas for wet environments you will need a waterproof work boot and for hot outdoor environments, a breathable and temperature controlled workboot.
The work surface that you walk on every day can also be safety hazards particularly if there is oil or grease on the floors. Obtaining a work boot that is slip and oil resistant is usually your best option, whereas for outdoor work on gravel and uneven work surfaces you may need to look at something with a more lug sole for better grip.

Comfort and Construction

Another imperative aspect of any work shoe is the comfort; you are going to be spending long hours, many on your feet in your work boots, therefore you want absolute comfort and a perfect fit. Consider features such as shock absorbency, cushioning and anti-fatigue technology as well as breathability and lightweight and flexible construction. Good ankle support is also advisable in any workboot.
Lastly, the durability of the shoe is critical as you want a good quality shoe that will last and be able to handle a tough work environment. Your best construction methods in any work shoe are either Goodyear welt or cement construction methods. Materials such as full-grain leather for the uppers and rubber or Vibram outsoles are also your best options if you are looking for the best quality.

What Constitutes the Best Work Boot

To consider what makes a work boot the best you need to look at exactly what you require regarding Hazard protection firstly, work elements such as were, temperature, natural surroundings as well as what comfort features your feet require.
To know what makes the best work boot, in general, you need to break down the boot into its most important parts;


The uppers of a work boot constitute everything that makes up the boot above the sole. Most work boots are made from Full Grain leather, some with Nylon inserts to improve breathability. A good work boot should be comfortable, flexible and durable in the uppers as well as provide moisture wicking qualities and in some cases waterproofing. A comfortable mesh lining on the inside can help to wick away moisture and improve ventilation keeping your feet dry and cool.

Tongue & Collar

Additions such as a padded tongue and collar will enhance comfort and support, while a durable and sturdy lacing subsystem will offer the best fit. The uppers can also be insulated to provide protection against cold weather conditions or have breathable mesh, or nylon inserts and or construction for hot weather conditions where more ventilation and breathability is required.


Another vital part of any work boot is the sole, let us focus first on the outsole.
Slip resistance, oil resistance, abrasion, water and heat resistance are all great features that an outsole of a work boot may offer. In most work boots the sole is slip and oil resistant and made from either rubber which is a good choice or Vibram which is even better and provide exceptional grip and traction. Your choice in outsole will depend largely on the floor surface that you work on. A patterned outsole also provides better grip, and a more lug outsole will be the best choice for outdoor work.


The Insole is the part that should provide comfort and support as well as good shock absorbency. A good EVA midsole and rubber outsole provide adequate shock absorption and cushioning, add a comfortable insole with anti-bacterial and moisture wicking capabilities and you have a winner!


Insulation is another option in most work boots particularly for working in cool to extremely cold weather conditions. The Thinsulate insulation material is the most popular. Insulation levels in a work boot start at 200 grams for normal to cooler conditions, 400 grams for cold conditions, 600-800 grams for very cold conditions and 1000 grams and up for snow and extreme cold weather conditions.

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