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Crocodiles, alligators, Caiman, these are all reptiles with extremely firm and robust skin that acts as body armor for them.

Crocodile leather is one of the most sought-after leather types for its tough and durable characteristics, as well as its luxurious feel and stunning aesthetic appeal.

crocodile work boots

Advantages of Crocodile Leather in a Workboot

Crocodile leather has the main advantage of being robust and durable.
In a work boot crocodile leather can have some admirable advantages;

  • It is extremely attractive and fashionable.
  • The leather is very strong and supple.
  • The scales and boy layers of the leather give it an exotic appearance.
  • Most crocodile leather boots will not stretch very much and will keep their shape for a very long time.
  • Crocodile leather is very durable and long lasting as well as versatile to use.
  • The leather itself has a luxuriously soft and silky feel to it.

How To tell Your Boots are Genuine Crocodile Leather

We all want to be assured that our Crocodile Work boots are genuine, particularly because they are such an expensive investment.

  • Look for joins between the scales that are more flexible and have an identical vein, similar to the structure of your hands.
  • Crocodile skin with genuine scales is quite stiff with more flexible coupling layers, a fake leather will be harder and have no flexibility.
  • The thorns and fin bones in crocodile leather are thick and sharp, in comparison to that of a fake piece.
  • Crocodile skin has a very bright and shiny appearance with many patterns and tones of color, that seem to be different and unique in every boot.

Using these guidelines, you are sure to be able to distinguish between real and fake crocodile leather accessories and work boots.

Other Features to Look For in Your Crocodile Leather Work Boot

crocodile leather

In any work boot, you need to look for some protective features, such as a safety toe, electrical hazard safe materials and a slip resistant outsole. These are the main safety features.

Other characteristics such as durability and comfort are just as crucial in any work boot.
Though a crocodile leather work boot functions more as stylish office wear or something to wear to a more formal occasion, you still need some form of support and comfort.

Features like cushioning, a supportive and shock absorbing midsole, as well as a soft and moisture wicking lining, are all that you will need.

Reviews: Top of The Range Crocodile Work Boots

Below are some of the best rated and highly functional crocodile leather work boots for you to choose from;


The Ferrini Alligator Belly Leather work boot is a steel toe work boot with a stylish design, handcrafted from top quality durable alligator leather.

  • Handcrafted from the finest alligator belly leather printed to resemble the belly of an alligator.
  • A 13-inch shaft and a square toe top of these exquisitely designed boots.
  • Added is the protection of a steel toe, that will guard your feet against falling objects and compression hazards.
  • The block heel adds a touch of elevation and sophistication to this boot.
  • The sole is likewise manufactured from durable leather, that offers good and solid traction.
  • Available in a large range of size and width options, for every foot type and size.


A soft leather boot with a crocodile tail cut design, the Handmade Western styled work boot is tough and comfortable.

  • Manufactured from soft goat leather cut in a crocodile tail design.
  • Quality leather and an all leather sole with a sophisticated and charming block heel.
  • Wood pegs and reinforced brass nails along with a steel shank is added for long lasting durability.
  • Everything is hand stitched with exquisite design details.
  • The sole is cushioned for comfort and shock absorbency, to provide you with all day lasting support.
  • A round toe offers more toe room and freedom of movement, and still looks appealing.


The Dona Michi Western Cowboy Leather boot with crocodile print is embossed to give it a more graceful and stylish look and comes complete with a free belt.

  • Handmade luxury boots manufactured from the finest leather that is embossed for even more panache.
  • A durable and comfortable genuine leather sole that will prevent slips and offer good traction.
  • Manufactured in Mexico and available in a few stunning color options to choose from.
  • Excellent office wearing work boots that will perform as well as they look.


Yet another stunning design in alligator leather work boot from Dona Michi. The leather Handcrafted Cowboy style work boot offers you the most comfortable and flexible fit.

  • You can easily dress up or down with these gorgeous boots, ideal for office and formal use.
  • Genuine leather uppers with an alligator pattern design.
  • A comfortable and stretchable fit to give you the best fit possible.
  • The sole is a durable, and slip resistant leather made sole.
  • A slight heel for a smarter look, and more stability.
  • Available in five fabulous colors to choose from.


The Dan Post Everglade boot was introduced in the mid-1960s and is still a hit today. These absolutely remarkable and exquisitely handcrafted boots boast innovate style and comfort features.

  • Handcrafted with the finest exotic full grain caiman skin with an elegantly finished off the leather border.
  • A full leather lining stitched with double welt for luxurious comfort and durability.
  • A Gel-Flex insole and soft strike removable orthotic offer you therapeutic comfort and support.
  • Features a broad square toe for more toe room that still looks sophisticated.
  • A cowboy certified TPU leather outsole and pull on straps for easy wear.
  • Available in five chic color options.

In Conclusion

Crocodile leather is a material that is becoming much more popular by the day, not just for its fantastic apppeal, but similarly for its tough durability and soft and luxurious feel.

Not only for handbags and wallets. Crocodile leather is now also popular is shoes and other functional, and luxury accessory items.

Crocodile leather is just so much more luxurious and not to mention tough and durable, than other leather types.

Index Table: The Top Crocodile Leather Boots

1Ferrini Men's Steel Toe - Alligator Belly Work Boot
  • Square Toe
  • 13 Inch
  • Steel Toe
2Handmade Men's Western - Crocodile Aligator Work Boot
  • Stacked Heel
  • Steel Shanks
3Dona Michi Men's Western Cowboy - Leather Crocodile Print Work Boot
  • Slip On
  • Handmade
Dona Michi95
4Dona Michi Men's Cowboy - Genuine Alligator Leather Work Boots
  • Leather Sole
  • Comfortable Fit
Dona Michi97
5Dan Post Men's Everglades - Full Grain Caiman Leather Western Boots
  • Flex Insole
  • Oiled Leather
  • Handcrafted
  • Gel-Flex Insole
Dan Post98

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